Welcome to the Oxford Family Policy Database. This database is the work of Mary Daly and Mireia Borrell-Porta, of the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford. The project was funded by the University's John Fell Fund.  

The database provides information on the social policies for families in the UK  from 1997 to 2016. Focused on policies for families with children, it covers three main policy areas: cash benefits and tax allowance for families, employment-related leave, and childcare. It includes data on the structure, functioning, eligibility criteria and legislative bases for each of these policy areas.

The database is the first of its kind to provide such extensive and detailed information on family policies in the UK and is intended to be of use for researchers, policy makers and all those interested in family and social policy development. 

How to navigate it:

  • The About us tab provides information about the authors of the database.
  • The Datasets tab contains the two datasets: the Policies Dataset, which is the main dataset, and the Legislative Dataset, which lists the legislation underpinning each policy. The Policies Dataset section is available in different formats: as a timeline and interactive table, as text and as a downloadable excel file.
  • The Documentation tab provides information about the conceptual framework that guided the database, a brief overview of the literature on family policy, and the methodology used to construct the dataset, including the structure of the dataset and a description of its contents.
  • The Contact tab contains the emails of the authors.

Please cite the database as follows: Daly, M. and Borrell-Porta, M. (2016) Oxford Family Policy Database.